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More important than ever in 2020

The Top 1000 World Banks 2020 ranking has been published. The need to accurately analyse banking risk and identify opportunities is greater than ever.

The Top 1000 World Banks ranking has been the industry’s trusted measure of bank size for 50 years. Our annual analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, at a global, regional and country level, has become essential reading for banks, consultants, corporates, vendors, regulators and investors.

Best-performing Banks ranking NEW 

Our 2020 ranking coincides with the most challenging operating environment banks have faced in living memory and features our all-new Best-performing Banks ranking. 

This timely addition uses a newly developed model to compare leading G20 banks across eight key performance categories. It will highlight the banks’ relative strengths and weaknesses going into the crisis and indicate which are likely to emerge in better shape. The results will help you make strategic decisions, identify opportunities and analyse risk.  

The model refers to 30 key ratios to score and rank banks, country by country, on their performance in the following eight categories:

Growth Operational
on risk
Profitability Asset quality Liquidity Leverage

Each bank's performance across these categories is then used to generate an overall "Best-performing Bank" score and ranking.  

Whether banks are your competitors, counterparties or clients, you need the Top 1000 World Banks 2020 ranking. 

Order the Top 1000 World Banks 2020 comprehensive online and print package

  • Online, interactive access to the Top 1000 World Banks and Best-performing Banks ranking results the moment they are published.
  • Plus, the July print issue of The Banker, featuring a 100+ page report, including:

o    The Top 1000 World Banks and country breakdown 

o    Detailed analysis of the results by regional editors

o    Best-performing banks rankings, with in-depth performance comparisons on leading banks in the most important markets.

Comprehensive online and print package £695 / €875 / $1,050

As well as knowing which banks are the biggest or have grown the fastest, you can now see how banks are performing – this powerful combination will help you make informed strategic decisions, identify opportunities and analyse risk. 

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